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SRFSC Volunteers

We love our volunteers! Not only do we love them: we need them. The parents and families of our skaters are vital to the success of the Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club. These volunteers act in various capacities to make our competitions and fundraisers run smoothly.

For example, volunteers are involved in competition registration, awards, and accounting, as well as in selling flowers, merchandise, and fireworks to fund Club activities. They serve as crew and prop coordinators for our wonderful Club shows. The list goes on and on, and we need the help of every family. We simply could not host competitions and shows without the contributions of volunteers.

Because volunteer assistance is imperative to our continuing operations, we require all member families to volunteer a minimum of ten hours each year (or to pay $100.00 in lieu of volunteer hours). Happily, SRFSC sponsorship of a variety of events during the year provides lots of opportunities to satisfy this requirement.

Each year you will receive a "Volunteer Request Form," so that you can indicate the types of volunteer activities that most interest you. Throughout the year, you will see requests for assistance in the Thin Ice newsletter, and you may receive a phone call asking you to help in some way: please say YES. Just one or two hours at each event would be great; a little help from everyone goes a long way. 

Every time you volunteer, just make sure that your volunteer hours are recorded by the person in charge of your area at the event, who will in turn give them to the SRFSC volunteer coordinator to add to your annual tally. To help you keep track of how many hours you've served, volunteer hour tallies are occasionally posted on the Club bulletin board in the arena.

We think you'll find that being a volunteer is fun! Many posts enable volunteers to watch the skating at competitions and events as they work, and all volunteer opportunities afford you the chance to make new friends as you serve alongside fellow SRFSC members. Thank you, in advance, for your role in making the SRFSC a club that serves its members and its community so well.

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updated 10/20/2003