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What am I getting myself into?

If you're a new or potential member of the Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club, the simple answer is: something wonderful. Snoopy's Home Ice is known as one of the finest ice rinks in the nation, and our home club, the SRFSC, is renowned for a membership that is welcoming, enthusiastic, and well organized. You've found a great place to explore the joys of skating!

But if you're unfamiliar with the world of Zambonis and boot covers, it may seem as though there's a lot of information to absorb. The links below provide information to get you started: everything from what to wear at practice to how membership fees are used. Dive in and have a look! And remember, whenever you have questions or need further information, your SRFSC Board members are ready and willing to help. 

Becoming a Member - Want to join? Here's how.
SRFSC Board and Committees - Key positions that keep us running smoothly.
Current Officers and Appointments for 2014/2015 - Our Board Members!
SRFSC History - From a brewery to Snoopy's Home Ice!
Skates and Attire - What to wear and why it's important.
Skating Expenses - Costs you might incur along the way.
Coaching Relationships - Guidelines for families and professionals.
Testing - Key information about an important aspect of skating.
Competitions - Types, qualifications, and benefits.
Volunteers - We need you, for just a few hours! Here's why.
FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions, including information about fees.


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