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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the SRFSC's most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to talk to a member of the Board if you need further information. And don't forget: Club members are welcome to sit in on the monthly SRFSC Board Meetings (third Tuesday of each month at Snoopy's Home Ice), which is a great way to keep up-to-the-minute on Club activities and initiatives.

A. All USFSA clubs are required to sponsor competitions, testing, and skating sessions, which provide opportunities to promote ice skating for amateur skaters. Before any such event takes place, a chairperson and committee have usually spent hundreds of hours over a period of several months to make all the necessary arrangements. The Club produces, prints, and mails the applications; and the Club also organizes judges, referees, and accountants and arranges their food, travel, and lodging. Then the Club deals with a vast amount of paperwork as the applications come in. For all of these tasks prior to the event, as well as for multiple tasks throughout the actual duration of the event, we need volunteers - YOU, the members of our Club. When we go to Oakland, San Jose, or any other arena, another club is doing that work on the behalf of our participating skaters, and we expect it all to run smoothly. When other clubs come to Snoopy's Home Ice for an event run by the SRFSC, we want their experience to be fun and easy; that's why we need your help. Throughout the year we also need assistance with administrative tasks, mailings, phone calls, computer work, fundraisers, etc. In short, we need all of you. Without volunteers the Club could not exist, and we would be unable to hold any competitions, shows, exhibitions, tests, or fundraisers. You are all important, and we appreciate your help!

A. The fees charged for events have to cover the following and more:

  • Ice time (this currently costs $225 per hour)
  • Judges' fees
  • Transportation, lodging, and meals for judges
  • Awards/medals for competitors
  • Administration costs (e.g., printing applications, advertising, programs and schedules, postage, etc.)

There are various other miscellaneous expenses, also. We frequently break even on costs, and on the rare occasion when we actually make money, the profit then goes into the Club's general account.

A. All funds collected go into the Club's general account. From this fund we pay for Club ice time and reimburse professional coaches for teaching Club sessions. We also cover practice sessions, which frequently do not pay for themselves. (We have to cover the cost of practice sessions to the tune of about $10,000 to $20,000 annually!) Additionally, we pay USFSA dues for membership, testing, and sanctions for events. As with any large organization, there are numerous administrative and general business expenses. We purchase ribbons, medals, pins, and trophies for Awards Night and incur lots of miscellaneous expenses related to testing and exhibitions. The Club also offers financial assistance to skaters representing the SRFSC at championships at the Regional level and above, which usually require substantial travel. This assistance depends upon the funds available. We also offer financial assistance to those wishing to become USFSA accountants and judges whenever funds are available.

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updated 10/20/2003