SRFSC Competitive Member and
Club Hosted Results for 2016/2017

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Crystalline Classic 2017

Congratulations to our recalled skaters, Marco Berg, Sarena Berg and Emily Lile, Liadan Emmert, Reese Lashinski and Isabella Sypnicki!
Marco Berg and his partner, Evan Mullins were 2nd overall in the recall event with their Men in Tights program.

Spring Preview 2017

Congratulations to Reese Lashinski who placed 2nd overall at the recent Spring Preview competition in Vacaville!

Reese Lashinski 2nd Teen Light 2nd place overall winner in recall
1st place Teen Duet
Meagan Lashinski 3rd place Teen Light 3rd place Teen Dramatic
1st place Teen Duet
Isabella Sypnicki 2nd place Preliminary Dramatic 3rd place Preliminary Light
Isabelle Douch 4th place Teen Light 4th place Teen Dramatic
Ming Yang 5th Place Preliminary Dramatic
Kate Wallace 2nd place High Beginner Light
Victoria Chandler 1st Place Basic Light 7th Place High Beginner Dramatic

Goldrush 2017

Congratulations to Sarena Berg who placed 3rd overall in the recall event at the recent Goldrush Competition in Roseville!
Marco Berg and Sarena were both recalled at this event. Congratulations to both of you!

Senior Light Entertainment - Marco Berg, 2nd
Intermediate/Novice Light Entertainment - Sarena Berg,
1st Intermediate/Novice Dramatic - Sarena Berg,
1st Interpretive - Sarena Berg, 2nd

Meagan and Reese Lashinski 1st Teen Duet Recalled Teen Duet
Meagan Lashinski 2nd Teen Light Recalled Teen Light 3rd Teen Dramatic
Reese Lashinski 3rd Teen Light 2nd Teen Dramatic
Victoria Chandler Basic Light 3rd place Dramatic High beginner 2nd place

National Showcase 2016

Congratulations to Marco Berg who placed 1st in Junior Light.
He earned his way to the Parade of Champions where he placed 2nd overall! Marco and his duet partner, Evan Mullins, placed first in the Junior Duet category and went on to place 2nd in the Parade of Duet Champions!
Sarena Berg placed 11th overall in the Teen Dramatic Group A category. Congratulations to all of you!

L.A. Showcase 2016

Marco Berg won the Joanne Funakoshi Trophy in an event much like our Recall event at Crystalline!
Marco Berg 1st Junior Light Entertainment
Sarena Berg 7th Intermediate Light Entertainment
Sarena Berg 7th Intermediate Dramatic

Sun Valley Summer Championships 2016

Marco Berg tied for 2nd overall at the ProSkaters 2016 Open Live in Sun Valley that had 25 competitors!
Marco Berg 1st Junior Light Entertainment
Marco Berg 1st Junior Dramatic Entertainment
Sarena Berg 3rd Novice Dramatic Entertainment
Sarena Berg 4th Open Juvenile Ladies FS
Sarena Berg 1st Intermediate Light Entertainment
Reese Lashinski 1st Juvenile Light Entertainment

Reese Lashinski 9th Juvenile Girls FS

Crystalline Classic 2016

Congratulations to our Crystalline Classic recall winners!
Liadan Emmert was the overall winner of the Crystalline Classic.
Liadan also took the Michelle Van Dyke & Marcia Kresge trophys.
2nd place - Christine Hotchkin
3rd place - Darya Kovalenko

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