SRFSC Test Results

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Congratulations to the following skaters who passed tests in May:

Emily Lile: Junior MIF
Isabelle Douch: Juvenile MIF
Sarah Heitz: Pre-Juvenile MIF
Bianca Fritz: Pre Preliminary MIF & FS
Mackenzi Nelson: Pre-Preliminary MIF & FS
Alexandria Schmidt: Preliminary MIF
John Schieberl: Pre-Preliminary MIF
Miguel Gilpin-Moreno: Pre-Preliminary MIF & FS
Miette Marshall: Pre-Preliminary MIF
Meagan Lashinski: Pre-Juvenile FS
Reese Lashinski: Pre-Juvenile FS
Elizabeth Schieberl: Pre-Preliminary FS
Fiona Davis: Pre-Preliminary FS

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updated 6/4/2015