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Adult Skating Links 

WB01441_.gif (1008 bytes) Don Korte's Adult Focus -- An excellent reference for adult skaters, including testing requirements. 
WB01441_.gif (1008 bytes) Lifeskate--
A fun and rather addictive website.
WB01441_.gif (1008 bytes) Skater's Edge Magazine and Sourcebook -- published 5 times a year, Alice Berman's magazine has "instructional articles and skating tips from the world's top coaches and pros". The Sourcebook is the international "yellow pages" of figure skating. 
SKATER'S EDGE, Box 500, Kensington, MD 20895, Phone/Fax: (301) 946-1971,,
WB01441_.gif (1008 bytes) Euro Adult Skating
Adult ice skating is growing in Europe. If you're interested in adult competitions in England and Europe this is the site to visit!

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Event Calendar

WB01452_.gif (333 bytes) These are just a handful of Adult Competitions.  Want more - visit the USFSA Events page and choose Event Type, Adult!

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Further Publications and Information


WB01438_.gif (302 bytes) Adult Insights
c/o Don Korte
3140 Kingsbrook Street
Flushing,  MI  48344
WB01438_.gif (302 bytes) USFigure Skating
20 First Street
Colorado Springs,  CO  80906


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 News for and of our Adult Skaters:

Congratulations and thank you to our skaters who represented our club at the 2011 Adult Nationals held in Salt Lake City, Utah:

Maureen Weinstein -1st place Masters Ladies Artistic/Dramatic III,
6th Masters Ladies  Artistic/Dramatic III
9th in Gold Solo Dance
Dianne Miller - 4th place (pewter medal) in Ladies Artistic/Dramatic II,
13th in Ladies Silver II
Annette Harper - Gold in Championship Ladies Gold
Ninotchka Aschow - pewter Masters Ladies Light Entertainment/Comedy III
Adrienne Howell -5th in Ladies Artistic/Dramatic II
Vallard Forsythe - 6th in Adult Gold Men III.

Thanks to Dianne Miller for sending me the results and photos!
(Please e-mail srfscwebmaster if I've left anyone out).

Congratulations to our medalists and thank you all for representing us so well, and for being an inspiration to our younger skaters.

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The pictures below show examples of our adult skaters having a great time at the 2011 US Adult National Championships.
Thanks to Dianne Miller for supplying photos from the event.

Maureen show off her gold medal


Annette shows off her gold medal

Maureen Weinstein shows off her
gold medal in
Masters Ladies Artistic/Dramatic III.


Annette Harper shows off her
gold medal in Championship
Ladies Gold.

Dianne with group - pewter medal


Ninotchaka - pewter medal with her group

Dianne Miller (blue dress, on left) won a 4th place pewter medal in Ladies Artistic/Dramatic II.


Ninotchka Aschow (blue dress, on left) won a 4th place pewter medal in Masters Ladies Light Entertainment/Comedy III.

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General Information on Adult Skating offered by the
 Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club
and the Redwood Empire Ice Arena

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Adult Figure Skaters (amateurs generally 25 years and older) have many opportunities in the Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club. Great support is given to everyone by the SRFSC community. You may learn to skate and advance in skills by classes and professional coaching. The Club offers testing on your skills with levels for Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Master Novice, Master Junior, and Master Senior. This may be as a solo skater, as a pair, or a team.Maureen in layback Adult Nationals 2007

You many wish to compete with other adults and competitions abound! See the Central California Interclub Association CCIA calendar for local events, or for events around the country check with the United States Figure Skating Association for sanctioned USFSA competitions.

For beginners or advanced adult skaters, the SRFSC provides many recreational opportunities. Every two years offers club skaters of all ages and abilities the chance to perform in our Club Ice Show. If you've ever wanted to skate in a professional show, this is close!

For your beginning and continued development as an adult skater there are also special adult skate times offered by the Redwood Empire Ice Arena. In addition to adult only general sessions and scheduled adult classes, the Arena has drop in adult "Coffee Club" times where you receive a group lesson, coffee, donut, and adult skating time. For times and prices see REIA's General Public Skating Schedule. You may also sign up for all-ages REIA freestyle sessions for your practice and coaching times.

-- Photos-- Above: Maureen Weinstein executes a lovely layback at the
2007 Adult Nationals.
Group shot SRFSC members at 2011 Nationals
 Right: Group shot of some of our skaters

having fun at the 2011 Adult Nationals.

For more information or details on adult figure skating opportunities, contact the Santa Rosa Figure Skating Club at (707) 546-7147, ext 867.

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Attention SRFSC adults!  Do you have a competition or testing story you'd like to share?  Did you participate in some way (competitor, judge, volunteer) in an event?  We'd like to hear about it!  Please share your story in one or two short paragraphs here on our adult page.   Send in a photo and I'll include it.  E-mail

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Redwood Empire Adult Skating Sessions

WB01438_.gif (302 bytes) Coffee Club*
(includes coffee, donut, and group instructional lesson)
9:30am - 11:30am     Friday  9:30am - 11:30am
  *Sessions subject to change. 
Check rink schedule or call (707) 546-7147 to confirm.

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